Win Cool Stuff!

(We seriously love seeing your kiddo being awesome.)

Your kid is amazing. You are an amazing parent, so we know you're filming and taking pictures of your little one all the time. Send in your photos and videos for a chance to win!

Each month the employees of Strider Sports International pick their favorite photo and video from those sent in. The winning photos and videos may be highlighted on our social media channels!


  • By submitting the form on this page, you are releasing the copyright of the video for use by Strider Sports International, Inc. for promotional purposes in perpetuity.
  • Photos must be submitted in JPEG format, no larger than 10MB and no smaller than 500KB.
  • We recommend videos be submitted in MP4 or MOV format and shot in at least 720p quality.
  • We also recommend photos and videos be shot in landscape format (horizontally, like on a TV).
  • For the video to be considered, it must be a video taken by you of your child as the main subject. If it is a group shot, you must have the permission of all the other children's parents to enter.
  • We love videos, and we want you to share! For a video to be eligible to win this contest, the child must be wearing a helmet and close-toed shoes, with the only exception being the Strider Baby Bundle.
  • Entries must be received before midnight of the final day of the month they are being entered in. Winners will be announced the following month.
  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be notified via e-mail.
  • Videos are welcome from all over the globe! If you win, we'll arrange for a product voucher from your local Strider distributor.

Strider Photo and Video Contest Submission Form

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  • See Rules & Regulations for photo and video size and type requirements