Your purchase is changing the world.

(You’re changing the world, and you didn’t even know it!)

We love riding bikes and inspiring kids to ride. It’s just what we do. BUT! We want to do more. Like…way more. We want everyone (and we do mean everyone) to experience the freedom and joy that comes with riding. We realize that’s a pretty big goal, but we’ve got the perfect roadmap on how to achieve it. We have committed 1% of gross revenue (that’s straight from the top, don’t even know if we need the moola to keep the lights on) cut from every Strider Bike sold to the Strider® Rider Fund.

Why Riding?

Because it’s truly a life-changing experience…the skills, and abilities a person obtains while learning to ride will build confidence. Also, learning to ride a bike is the ultimate form of personal freedom. Freedom to explore. Freedom to experience. Freedom to learn. Freedom to be awesome! The confidence and independence that evolves from life on two wheels establish a foundation of success for riders that impacts all areas of their life.

It Starts with Strider

Passion and a love of riding start here, with you and your little nugget. We love giving, and we do it as much as we can at every opportunity. In fact, our donations have now surpassed over $1M in cash and Genuine Strider Balance Bikes. To foster this passion, this confidence, this life-changing experience, we need to go big or go home. That’s why our focus is to support organizations and public institutions that provide a structured environment, to not only create riders but foster a lifelong love and passion of riding for everyone (and we mean everyone).

Outline of a Strider balance bike

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